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A holistic designer, writing about her product design adventures and learnings.


This story is about our product of Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and it’s boring landing/utility page. We call it deck. This page was built to give quick access to the users to their regular functions with HRMS like applying leave, checking company announcements, company policies, list of holidays etc. as well as provide some social connectivity with company updates, gallery, videos etc.

During the course of this project we did entire redesign of the deck.

This was a long project, took around 6 months of team effort to deliver it.


Our internal survey suggested that people hardly use the…

Your school companion


With low (1:24) teacher ratio in India, teacher has little amount of time to focus on each child. Also, conventional homework diaries and report cards does not show holistic picture of child’s effort versus their outcomes.

With an average of 5 primary and 2 supplementary homework and extra activities (assuming that all students have NCERT syllabus), it increases burden on a child.

If we can help them see the clear picture and efficiently manage their time, they can stay organised and be aware about their strengths and weaknesses.

Target Users

For this exercise I narrowed down my target users…

On the way to design for an all-in-one travel companion.


As per the report, the Indian travel market is projected to grow at 11–11.5% to $48 billion by 2020 with the biggest contributor, air travel expected to grow at 15% to $30 billion. Hotels will grow at 13% to $13 billion by 2020.

India’s online hotel market will grow to US$4 billion with 31% penetration at a CAGR of 25%.

“India’s domestic travel market is on an acceleration path. One of the key findings of the report is that by 2020, one in three hotel rooms will be booked online…

I am going to solve this design problem along with explaining my design process, so buckle up !

Assumptions I am taking for this exercise

Going far in future let’s imagine we have 1000 story building! The building is a small city and 1000s of people live and work there. There is everything a small town has, residential area, club, restaurants, offices, gym, school etc.

In that building how one would design the lift interface.

Plan to solve the problem

As we are building interface from scratch here, I would do this activities to successfully uncover the solution.

  1. UX questionnaire to stake-holdersf
  2. Analysis of Existing technology
  3. User Research and discover their needs…

Don’t just tell your story, Show it!

Real Estate sales guy showing properties to the customer while talking to her, remotely!


In the high-value b2c sales process, there are three ways of communicating with the prospect.

1. Telephonic Call

2. Self Serving websites, brochures, and videos, etc.

3. In person meetings.

Now, all these three channels have their limitations.


In any B2C high-value company, the biggest challenge a marketer's faces are that he/she wants to generate enough leads(potential customer) but also want his/her team to spend enough time talking to the high-quality leads ( an ideal customer prospect).

Now to get the full control of the number of leads, marketers use outbound channels like email and SMS campaigns.

Primarily in India, SMS has been the most popular medium in marketing campaigns.

Without spending too much money or expanding the team, how can the marketer identify all the people who fit their ideal customer profile within the phone number database?


vStory of Explora Homes in various devices

You cannot make a product or application truly user centered if you do not involve user in the design process. It is important to involve target users in many phases of design. Validation of the solution is one of them. Usability testing is industry wide accepted and standard techique to validate the solution designers has come up with. Many companies and products have been hugely benefited by the usability testing and further changing their design based on the findings and make it more user-centric. A good example is, Macafee decreases support calls by 90% and Mozilla’s support site was able…

Twisha Mistry

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